Queso is designed to reshape the photobooth world forever

outstanding optics

best photo booth

Small camera with giant capabilities.

Electronic tilt


Tilting using manual controls are a thing of the past.

lighting. simplified

Best photobooth

Same gorgeous lighting in a new and simpler package. 

total reliability

Queso booth

Never refund clients for faulty equipment ever again. 


start a photo booth business

Custom 15.6" and 13.3" displays allow for photo capturing and sharing to happen in one place.

$500,000 in R&D

photobooth business

2 years in the making, this photobooth is unlike anything you've ever seen. 


Be at the forefront of the industry

Queso is initially releasing at limited quantities. Click below to place refundable deposit.

Photobooth back - Black Silver as currently in process.jpg

QuesOS - Complete Integration

Queso features hardware and software working in concert to ensure total reliability. Queso will allow you to effortlessly create a customized experience for everyone who walks into the photobooth.

Watch video demo

Unlimited Options

We can build a photobooth to your heart’s content*. For custom orders, you will have access to our bespoke suite of design modifications. From credit card readers to RFID readers to facial recognition, anything is possible. These options will give you the opportunity to match Queso to a unique or uncommon situation.

*Minimum order quantity and non-recurring engineering fees may apply.

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