Queso Print

Queso Print

Queso is the revolutionary new photobooth from Photobooth Supply Co. Queso Print is the recommended configuration which includes everything you need to start or grow your photobooth business. 

5 Year Membership

$399 / Month

Warranty - 5 Years

SMS/MMS - 400 / Month

E-Mail - 2000 / Month

FREE Upgrade - 5 Year

First Year Tax Benefit - Up to $8,379


3 Year Membership

$549 / Month

Warranty - 3 Years

SMS/MMS - 400 / Month

E-Mail - 2000 / Month

FREE Upgrade - 3 Year

First Year Tax Benefit - Up to $6,917

Cash Price

$11,800 + 99 / Month

Warranty - 1 Year

SMS/MMS - 200 / Month

E-Mail - 1000 / Month

FREE Upgrade - Not Included

First Year Tax Benefit - Up to $2,376

Always Included


  • Queso Photobooth
  • Two Carrying Cases
  • Extended Support


  • Printer & Stand
  • Pack of Media
  • Printer Carrying Case


  • Software Updates
  • Template Editor
  • Menu Editor


  • Setup Videos
  • Marketing Materials
  • PBSCO Community

Best Photo booth

Trailblazer Program

The Trailblazer Program is PBSCO's way of honoring our loyal customers. For the first time ever, we'll be offering all Photobooth Supply Co. owners the opportunity to trade in their current units towards Queso at fair market value.

Step 1

Fill out trade in form and get appraisal

Step 2

Send booth to us for inspection

Step 3

Get final appraisal and approve trade in

Step 4

Deduct buyback off membership price


how to start a photo booth business

Queso Membership

For the first time ever, you'll have the option to pay monthly for your hardware and access incredible benefits that were once only possible with huge costs and complex agreements.


photo booth business

Extended Warranty

The most comfortable feature of a Queso Membership is knowing that your gear is covered.

easiest photobooth

Tax Benefits

Have access to up to $8,379 in tax credit. Speak directly to your tax professional for more information!


Low Monthly Payment

For the first time ever, it’s possible to own the best photobooth on the market without paying over ten thousand dollars up front.

What is the best photo booth

Text Messages Included

Social sharing used to cost money. Now, we are including hundreds of free messages, with any overages costing pennies.

social media photobooth

Email Sending Included

Emails also used to cost money. Now, we are including thousands of free emails, with any overages still costing just pennies.

Social media photo booth

Premium Education

Photobooth Supply Co. is dedicated to education, with monthly webinar series and extensive libraries of business development content.


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Free Upgrade Program

After your Queso Membership completes, you will have the chance to renew it and receive a brand new booth. There is no upgrade fee of any kind.

What happens at the end of my Membership?

Option 1 - Renew Membership / Upgrade

Renew your Membership for 3 or 5 years and get the latest version of Queso and another huge tax benefit.

Option 2 - End Membership

Keep your current Queso unit and only pay $99 / month for software access, updates, and support.