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Get up to $6,000 for your old equipment towards a Queso photo booth. Pricing as low as $299 a month.


The Process

1. Fill out booth appraisal form.

This will allow us to give a value to your trade in equipment. Appraisals have ranged from $1,000 to $6,000, mostly depending on the quality and amount of electronics in the booth. 

2. Send you a quote for approval.

Based off your appraisal, we will send you a quote which can be applied to your final Queso Purchase. 

3. Ship your booth to us.

We'll walk you through the process to make it quick and painless. Once we get your booth, we will check the equipment to make sure everything matches with your appraisal form. 

4. Get a Queso!

After we've cleared your equipment, we ship you a Queso unit!

Let's Begin

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Giving Back

What are we doing with the returned photobooths? Instead of selling them for cheap and flooding the market with competitors, we will instead break down the booths to their components and donate them to photography programs at schools.

Our mission has always been to capture more memories around the world. Let's continue that by getting cameras in as many people's hands as possible. 



How long does the process take?

The process can take anywhere from one to two weeks, mostly depending on how diligent you are with the membership (if applicable) and appraisal form. 

How does the discount work with Membership?

Membership pricing for Queso is $399 for 5 years and $549 for 3 years with no down payment. Your appraisal price is discounted off the monthly fee over the course of the membership. For example, a booth appraised at $6,000 would reduce the monthly payment from $399 to $299 on a 5 year plan. 

Does the trade in work with Cash purchases?

Yes it does, but it works a bit differently. The immediate cash discount is up to $2,500 and then the rest of the appraisal is taken off the monthly $99 software fees. For example, a Queso is worth $11,800. If your booth was appraised at $3,490 then the new cash price is $9,300 ($2,500 discount) with 10 months of free software ($99 x 10 months). 


What if I don't like the appraisal price?

This is why we utilize the appraisal form that allows us to estimate the price before you even ship the unit out. If the form is filled out truthfully then our final appraisal price should not differ from our initial proposal. 

What if my booth is massive? How do I ship that?

Our logistics team will work with you to help ship your booth to us in the easiest way possible. 

Who pays for shipping the booth?

The customer is solely responsible for shipping and insuring the booth arrives safely at Photobooth Supply Co. HQ.